Have you ever heard of the punk cheat beat? It’s essentially a variation of a generic drum beat that many punk bands use, but because it’s not the same, it’s referred to as cheating.

To avoid confusion, I’ll refer to the generic beat as the “correct” beat. So while a “correct” punk beat has hi-hat hits on all four beats, the cheat beat simplifies that by only playing the hi-hat on the first and third beats.

This makes it easier to play the beat faster because you don’t have to use your left hand as much or move your right…

Millennials have been given a lot of grief over the past few years for their lifestyle choices and supposed lack of work ethic. Think about all of the articles you’ve seen offering tips for reaching Millennials or explaining what they supposedly like (avocado toast, ruining entire industries) and don’t like (buying houses and saving money).

But something I heard recently took that to another level; Some companies are hiring workers to come in and teach Baby Boomers how to interact and work with Millennials.

The idea behind it is that Millennials lack a solid work ethic, and therefore older generations…

Like many, I’ve had a lot of time to read during this pandemic.

And when everything first shut down, I was more than ready to dive into my fresh lineup of great reads — from Ursula Le Guin’s “The Beginning Place” to Phillips Roth’s “The Human Stain,” to Ijeoma Oluo’s “So You Want To Talk About Race.” I’d never really had that much free time to read before, and I devoured those books within weeks.

I love finding a new book to read. …

As one of only two freshmen who landed a spot on my high school drum line in 2006, I always dreamed of being a captain in my senior year.

And that was pretty likely. With many drum lines there is a hierarchy; It mostly focuses on upper- and lowerclassmen, and it has a lot to do with the instruments themselves. At my school, the cymbals and bass drums are reserved for freshman and sophomore, and tenors are usually played by talented sophomores or juniors. …

The connection between music and memories has always fascinated me. The fact that I can listen to Deep Wound and vividly remember being 16 and riding around in my friend’s beat up van blasting a bootleg copy of their entire discography is kind of nuts.

There’s a lot of interesting information out there about the connection between music and memories — the idea is that emotions enhance memory processes, music makes you feel emotions, and so therefore music could enhance memory processes.

And it’s obviously different for each person. Some people can listen to a song and be instantly uplifted…

Have you ever noticed how some musicians repeat a similar melody or rhythm throughout several songs while still making it sound unique yet recognizable every time?

Loosely speaking, I’m talking about leitmotif, which is not to be confused with a concept album. A concept album has an overarching theme. The use of leitmotif is more subtle; the theme doesn’t always span the entire album, and sometimes you have to listen deeply to hear the recurring parts. It’s like a little Easter egg for music nerds.

Classical composer Richard Wagner is one of the first well-known artists to be associated with…

I recently submitted my band EIN’s latest EP to a few music blogs to see what would happen. When an email came back from one blog saying they wanted to cover it, I was surprised to see several review options.

The first one, the free option, gets your band’s name and album name on a weekly roundup list with a simple number rating. Nothing more.

With the second, which costs $25, you get a little more: a full review, cover art and two links of your choice.

With the third, which costs $35: a full review, two links, cover art…

From a young age, my automatic response to my parents telling me anything was, “I know.”

“That pan doesn’t belong in there,” my mom would say as I reached to put the pan in the wrong cabinet.

“I know,” I’d say, and seamlessly shift to make it look like I was actually aiming for its actual home.

My mom wasn’t afraid to challenge back. “No, you don’t know,” she’d say. “You don’t know everything and that’s why I’m telling you!”

I’m sure every kid remembers a time in their life when this cold hard truth really hit. But when you…

Alex Milstein

Ambitious content creator. Part-time music maker.

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